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Food safety and (European) regulations
Hygiene and food safety are important themes. Machines and process installations for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications must meet many requirements. Consumers must be able to trust that products are produced in a safe and hygienic manner. Despite applicable standards and explanatory guidelines, the various specialists can still interpret and implement them differently. There is still a lack of cohesion, knowledge and coordination in the market. As a result, there is often a big difference between what is required on a technical and hygienic level compared to the actual delivery. There is a lack of clear design and construction specifications and the ability to control this.

Food producers are increasingly aware of their responsibility to produce in a hygienic and food-safe manner. This obligation arising from the ISO22000 automatically leads to the corresponding standards such as EN1672-1 (machine safety) and EN1672-2 (hygiene). For the implementation in accordance with EN1672-1, it is now well arranged by, among other things, an RI&E and keeping up with construction files. But for EN1672-2 it is not as easy. Hygiene is a broad concept and can be interpreted in many ways and has consequences when choosing a design, a supplier, the materials and components used.

The HDN method (Hygienic Design Network) ensures that machines and process installations in the food-producing and processing industry are proven to comply with (European) regulations. The methodology is based on European standards and guidelines for the design, construction and installation of machines and process installations. All companies in the hygienic process industry and machine construction can use this methodology.

Classes HDN methodology
The European food safety regulations and the EN1672-2 standard form the basis for the HDN methodology. HDN distinguishes four classes.

  • HDN 1 is the highest hygienic class and concerns applications with high hygienic risk
  • HDN 2 is for applications where the installation is CIP cleaned
  • HDN 3 concerns the processes that are cleaned after disassembly
  • HDN 4 describes the other non-food part or the utilities

The HDN class is determine during the theoretical design phase based on the chosen application and hygiene risk (HRA – Hygiene Risk Analysis) in your process. This class must be used for execution in all phases of the process. By choosing one of the classes, it is clear what procedures must be followed and what the result should be. The installation is built by certified parties, with the right components and according to current requirements.

Certified HDN officials
There are many links between design and delivery. That is why HDN guarantees the process with certified specialists. All know in advance what is expected and what their specific role is. HDN offers training courses and certifications for various specialties:

  • System engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Welder

The HDN platform
The HDN methodology is kept up to date by the participants and the Platform HDN. The entire chain can participate in the platform. Platform HDN pursues the following objectives:

  • Keeping its participants informed of developments in food safety regulations and, where possible, exercising influence on the regulations
  • Promoting proven food-safe installations
  • Retrieving and sharing knowledge in the chain
  • Ensuring appropriate and current training in the chain
  • Promoting the HDN methodology in the Netherlands and Europe

Benefits of participation
Everyone in the chain, such as food producers, machine builders, material suppliers, engineering agencies, installers and tank builders can participate in Platform HDN. As a platform participant you can take advantage of the benefits that the HDN platform offers, including:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of trends and developments with regard to food safety and regulations
  • Support and use of tools (i.e. quick scan and HDN symbolism) with implementation of the HDN methodology
  • Part of the HDN network
  • Attend HDN network meetings
  • Discount on education, training, certification and (technical) themed meetings
  • Promotion and exposure of HDN certified companies

HDN participants take food safety seriously. Not yet a participant? Contact Platform HDN.


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